Your Socks. Your Style.

Are you tired of plain (boring) white socks? We've got you covered.

At Society of Socks we strive to give every design a unique personality that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

So find your style, and wear them with pride. They're your socks, shouldn't they fit you?

Harold the Horse

Adult medium, brown and white with gray tips, inspired by draft horses.

Derek the Drake

Adult medium, black and gray, inspired by dragons and drakes of yore, featuring a scale and claw pattern.

Renate the Red Raccoon

Adult medium, red with cream socks and black pawpads, inspired by the vibrant characters people make on the internet.

Beatrice the Bunny

Adult medium, brown-orange with white and pink accents, based on common pet rabbits.

Jamie the Blue Jay

Adult medium, blue, black, and white socks inspired by the North American Blue Jay.

Chloe the Cougar

Adult medium, tan half-calf socks with pawpad print, design based on Cougars, Mountain Lions, or Pumas, depending on what you call them.

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