Newly released socks

We're always adding new designs, so check back here often to find the latest and greatest socks.

Walker the Wolf

Adult medium, gray on gray design with white and black accents, inspired by the gray wolf.

Bast the Cat

Adult medium, lavender and lilac with red, inspired by the Egyptian Goddess Bast and the elegance of the morning sun.

Anubis the Jackal

Adult medium, black and gold, inspired by the Egyptian God Anubis, as well as the beauty of the night and the moon.

Tyler the Tiger

Adult medium, black, orange, and cream, based on Bengal Tigers.

Oscar the Otter

Adult medium, shades of brown and white with black pawpads, inspired by otters.

Carol the Canine

Adult medium, black, brown, orange, and tan, inspired by domestic dogs such as the Doberman or German Shepherd.

Charles the Cat

Adult medium, black and white with pink pawpads, intentionally simple, inspired by housecats with 'sock' fur patterns.

Harold the Horse

Adult medium, brown and white with gray tips, inspired by draft horses.

Lydia the Snow Leopard

Adult medium, gray with black and white accents, inspired by snow leopards.

Derek the Drake

Adult medium, black and gray, inspired by dragons and drakes of yore, featuring a scale and claw pattern.

Fiona the Fox

Adult medium, red-brown half-calf socks with pawpad print, inspired by the red fox.

Renate the Red Raccoon

Adult medium, red with cream socks and black pawpads, inspired by the vibrant characters people make on the internet.