Stickers, keychains, magnets and more!

Divine Evolution Stickers

Stickers featuring the characters from the Divine Evolution Kickstarter! Your order will net you 20 stickers.

Cathulhu Stickers

Stickers featuring 6 elder gods from the Cthulhu mythos turned into cats. Your order will net you 8 stickers!

Kyrin Stickers

Stickers featuring 3 different designs with characters from my original race, the Kyrin. Your order will net you 6 stickers!

Eeveelution Stickers

Eeveelution stickers featuring each of the 9 eeveelutions, your order will net you 9 stickers!

Furry Emote Stickers

Little furry emote stickers, featuring a fox, cat, and wolf with six different expressions each - your order will net you 18 stickers!


I got these custom collars made because I was disappointed with the options out there - I chose durability and the beauty of simplicity, creating a design that matches whatever you choose to wear it with, in any circumstance. The size is fairly forgiving, making them fitting for fursuits or larger people.

Paw Keychains

Paw keychains I found on a dropshipping website, tough with an attached bell. We have these five colors, and four of each at the time of posting - check with me if you want a specific color.

Paw Magnets

Paw magnets I found on a dropshipping website, these little things are pretty strong and are pretty durable. We have these eight colors, but not necessarily more than one of each - let me know if you want one in particular and I'll let you know if we have them.